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Welcome to The main focus of the page is to present the works of prominent Polish as well as foreign artists. Our goal is to be as professional as possible so we do whatever is necessary to meet your expectations and provide the best transaction conditions. We are experienced in the field of painting and designing. The experience which we have gained throughout these years gave us the possibility to learn more about the art of painting and taught us how to provide the best service for our customers.

We are trying to improve our services by gaining new artists as well as new paintings. We believe that you will appreciate our gallery and we hope that you will find something special. It is due to your opinion, passion and involvement that we have the opportunity to do, what we love to do. We would like to thank you for your contribution.
We often asks ourselves: What is painting? It is the art of painting something beautiful or painting something good? These two statements are coherent and they ought to be connected. The art of painting is, most of all, presenting the artist’s gift, his/her experience, feelings and passion. The painting ought to connect the technique and colour. The technique is dependant on artist. It is the artist who uses brush, palette-knife and colour to create his vision. If you would like to buy a picture, you may purchase an “empty” painting or the painting of an artist who is experienced and respected. Good artists are characterized with the freedom of using their own technique while painting any kind of a picture(oil painting, pastel painting or water-colour painting). Hereupon we would like to present to you paintings created by Marek Ruzyk, Renata Domagalska, Renata Brzozowska and many more.
I hope you will find a painting for yourself or for someone very important to you. We believe that buying our paintings will be the beginning of a long-lasting cooperation.
If you would like to ask any question or discuss any of our services, paintings or artists, please feel free to contact us.
We would be most grateful if you could present your opinion regarding our services, artists and gallery. We would be very thankful for your suggestions.
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